Welcome to College Writing I. In your academic journey, you’ll continue to use the rhetorical skills you learn in this class. My hope is that you will learn that writing is a thoughtful conversation and develop the confidence to enter such conversations, or, even better, start ones of your own. Rather than approaching writing as an innate talent, we will understand writing as a skill that anyone can learn and improve through practice.

Queens College Resources

I strongly encourage you to visit me during my office hours (or email me to make an appointment). If you need additional help with your writing, you are encouraged to utilize any of the following on-campus writing resources:

  • The Writing Center in Kiely Hall 229 (phone: 718-997-5676) provides free writing support services to all enrolled Queens College students. Visit the web site to make an appointment:
  • The Tutoring Center in Kiely Hall 127 (phone: 718-997-5677) provides free tutoring to students enrolled in many courses offered at QC.
  • The Language Lab provides one-on-one tutoring for multilingual/ESL/ELL students enrolled in English 110 and 130. Email:

Online Resources

Image: New York in Transit I by Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000). Much of Lawrence’s work was in narrative form, meaning it told a story. What story about New York City does this mural tell?

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