Formal Draft: Essay 2

Objective: produce a revised formal draft of your second essay. To produce your formal draft, you will extensively revise and develop your zero draft using ideas from class and suggestions provided in my feedback.

Estimated time: 3-4 hours
Due at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, April 2nd

Important to Complete Before Proceeding to the Assignment

  • If you did not submit a Zero Draft, do the steps in the Zero Draft assignment before proceeding.
  • If you did not complete the Google Classroom work for March 23rd and/or March 25th, complete the work before proceeding.


  1. Review the guidelines for the Lens Analysis Essay.
  2. ***Read the Model Lens Analysis Essay.***
  3. Revise the paragraph in which you carefully and objectively describe the figure. (1 paragraph)
  4. Revise and polish your summary paragraphs of Williamson and Hall. Explain to your audience how you’re using them as a lens. See the Model Essay for help with this.
  5. Carefully analyze specific aspects of your advertisement using lens analysis to develop and support your argument about the messages of the advertisement and its implicit or explicit bias. “Sandwich” your analysis using quotes from both Williamson and Hall to support your analysis of each element. Download Notes on Theories from Williamson and Hall to guide you in selecting quotes to use as a lens to analyze.
    In each of your analysis paragraphs, identify each component—claim, analysis, secondary sources, synthesis—using strategies from our March 25th class. Label or highlight them as you did for the Google Classroom assignment.
    (1 paragraph for each of the three elements you are analyzing, meaning 3 total analysis paragraphs)
  6. Include a topic sentence/claims at the beginning of each of your analysis paragraphs. Your claim should be arguable, complex, reflect your analysis, and connect to your thesis. It should also be specific about what element from the advertisement is being analyzed in the paragraph and on why and how that element demonstrates bias. Bold your claims. (Developing Strong Claims)
  7. Revise the paragraph in which you introduce the problem in the figure. Your thesis should assert how/why the elements in the ad collectively are implicitly and/or explicitly biased but should not be a list. Bold your thesis. (1 paragraph)
  8. Write a conclusion paragraph that synthesizes your analysis of the ad, rather than one that restates your claims or summarizes your argument. (Effective Conclusions).
  9. Include a Works Cited list on a separate page using MLA style. Your essay must also be formatted according to MLA style. Refer to the Model Essay and the MLA Sample Paper.
  10. Revise the detailed PAS outline you created for your essay and include it on a separate page. (Effective Paragraphing Writing Guide and Model Essay.)
  11. Create a two-line title for your essay.
  12. Include a one-paragraph self-evaluation on a separate page in which you briefly explain what you think is promising in your draft and what sort of feedback you would like in order to continue to develop this draft. Please be specific. This self-evaluation is part of the assignment, and I will not provide feedback if it is not included.
  13. Name your file according to the protocol on page 5 of the syllabus. For example, Beyoncé Knowles would name this essay like this: KnowlesB_E2_FormalDraft.
  14. Submit your Formal Draft to Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. Thursday, April 2nd.
  15. Send your essay to a classmate for peer review. If you need my help with identifying a classmate, please email me. Download the peer review form from Dropbox. The deadline for peer review is April 2nd. 

As always, email me with any questions.

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