Final Draft Essay 3

Part 1—Revise to Create a Final Draft

Revise your Formal Draft using my feedback and the work that you did in Google Classroom to create a Final Draft.

Part 2—Synthesize Your Thoughts on the Research and Writing Process for Essay 3

Writing a research essay is a process of pursuing knowledge, one that informs our thinking but also creates tension. We begin with a broad question, which narrows in focus as we research and write. However, the rhetorical conversation continues even as we finalize our essay and questions remain.

Write a paragraph of 300-500 words using the following questions to synthesize your thoughts about your essay. Place the paragraph at the end of your Final Draft.

  • How have your secondary sources informed your thinking about your research question?
  • How did they help to shape your argument and/or to create tension in the interrogation of your argument (i.e. one source may have pulled in you in one direction and one in the other)? How did that tension challenge your initial perception of the intellectual problem you were exploring and discussing?
  • What questions remain?

Part 3—Synthesize Your Thoughts on Writing as a Conversation and a Process of Revision

The process we used to construct this essay and the others we wrote in this class is a reproducible one that you will use throughout college.

Write a paragraph of 300-500 words using the following questions to help you write. Place the paragraph after the previous synthesis paragraph.

  • How has this class informed your practices of reading and annotation? How will you approach difficult texts in the future?
  • How will you begin writing essays and revise to build and develop your analysis?
  • What are some of the tools that were most helpful to you in this class and how do you think they helped you?
  • How would you evaluate yourself in terms of your writing process now that you have completed this course?

Part 4—Submit Your Essay

  • Name your final draft file according to the guidelines in the syllabus and using the following protocol:
    [Student Last Name][First Initial]_E3_FinalDraft
    For example, a student named Frida Kahlo, would name her file: KahloF_E3_FinalDraft
  • Submit your file as a Word document or PDF (no Google docs) to Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. Monday, May 18th.

Submissions are no longer being accepted as of May 21st.

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