Exercise 3.3: Motivating Your Argument

Objective: to understand the intellectual problem motivating you to write your argument and what will motivate your readers to consider your solution.

Estimated time: 1-2 hrs

Due by 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 22nd

Part 1—Reading

  1. Read and annotate “Motivating Your Argument” by Williams and Colomb.
  2. Read and annotate the Model Essay.

Part 2—Writing

  1. In a few sentences, describe the intellectual problem you’re exploring in your film. What are the consequences of that intellectual problem? What are potential solutions?
  2. Identify three strategies you noticed in the Model Essay that you want to implement in your own.

Post your answers to both questions as ONE comment below.

Part 3—Journal 3.2 (private writing): How has your research question changed now that you have written your Zero Draft?

Part 4—Journal 3.3 (private writing): How has the research you’ve done on sources influenced your motivation for your argument?

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22 thoughts on “Exercise 3.3: Motivating Your Argument

  1. The intellectual problem I would like to explore is the systematic suppression of women’s voice that was presented throughout the movie. For many it might seems like a face value of regular suppression of right to speech, this has led to abortion and even leading children to be abandoned just because they are girl. Therefore it is important to learn your own ideology and the historical context behind it.
    1) Use multiple scene to setup or enhance the point.
    2) deep analysis on the scene and connect it to outside source.
    3) Make a strong claim by connecting the film plot Hall’s work

  2. The intellectual problem that I am exploring in my film is how immigration affects children. The consequences of the intellectual problem are children being separated from their parents and many economic hardships. Today children are being separated from their parents at the border. Three strategies that I noticed in the Model Essay and want to implement in my essay are the use of analysis in the body paragraphs, the structure of the essay, and how the movie is described without uses emotions.

  3. Throughout the movie Mulan, there are many scenes in which we see that Mulan does not behave in the way that women in her environment behave.
    Problem: This is a problem because a woman, especially in Mulan’s community, is expected to go in a certain way, and Mulan herself does not. Her unusual behavior is not accepted in her society, and creates problems for her from them.
    Consequences: As a result of her not going in the standard way, Mulan is not able to bring her family honor. This causes her frustration, and she begins to question her female identity, and tries to act in other ways, in the hope of bringing honor to her family.
    Possible solutions: Either Mulan has to learn to adapt herself to what is accepted in her society, or her society must learn to accept her the way she is.
    Strategies from the Model Essay:
    1) To put the main answer to the research question in the first sentence of each analysis, before the analysis itself.
    2) In each analysis, there are two scenes that are being analyzed.
    3) Each analysis has a clear conclusion sentence at the end.

  4. Throughout Persepolis, multiple scenes display Marjane, her family, and close friends of hers, oppressed for various reasons such as gender, race, culture, religion, etc. and each terms portrayal in the political spheres of Iran.
    Problem: Marjane faces oppression from many angles: that of a woman, being born in Iran, cultural differences including her westernized interests, and having lived in two locations at different times because of these differences.
    Consequences: Being outcasted from where she originally belonged, then feeling a similar level of foreign tourist, she is once again thrown back into her native land, only to feel even that much more like a foreigner.
    Possible Solutions: Marjane is in desperate need to accept that change occurs often, and with society forcing her to conform to standards so often, she too needs to face reality with realism.
    Strategies to consider from the Model Essay:
    a) Using at least (2) quotes from the film itself, alongside with a quote from the most relevant Stuart Hall article and potentially one last quote from either of my secondary sources.
    b) Split up my analysis paragraphs to create clarity, with at least each first new paragraph beginning with a main answer to my ever evolving research question.
    c) Conclusion adequately satisfies the “So, What?” question.

  5. The intellectual problem in the Japanese movie A Silent Voice would be that the bully mercilessly harasses the deaf girl so much to the point where she has to transfer schools, but resulting from the situation with that incident the bully himself starts to get bullied by his former accomplices so you could basically say that’s karma. But a solution to this intellectual problem was that year slater the bully changed, and he wanted to do right by the deaf girl, so he set the goal to repent for his sins against the girl. While reading the model essay I noticed that I did not reference Hall’s essay’s in my essay, so some strategies I noticed were:
    • Referenced Halls work to make a strong connecting claim to the movie
    • The conclusion shoes their answer to the question previously asked at the beginning of their essay
    • Each analysis paragraph referenced a scene and in the movie and they adequately analyzed it

  6. The intellectual problem I’m exploring in my film is religious customs being the guideline for how societal code of conduct is shaped in India. The consequences of this intellectual problem may be clashes of religion. India is home to numerous religions. Each religion has customs that differs greatly from another. Therefore, religious customs shaping social norms may result in various different norms within 1 society, which will lead to disagreements in different groups of the society. Ultimately, such problems are an important cause of the religious clashes that occur in India. A potential solution to the problem might be to emphasize India’s law of secularism and truly enforce it.

    Some strategies I noticed on the model essay are using more than one scene per paragraph to support the claim, it will help to expand my analysis. Also, the last sentence, or the synthesis portion of the paragraph contributes to the answer of the research question. Lastly, the conclusion both answers the research question, and addresses a bigger, and real issue that is taking place in the world – answering the ‘so what?’ question.

  7. The intellectual problem that is being analyzed and explored in my film is the perception of African-Americans in social and military roles.during the Civil War Era, and the role it played into today. Consequences of the perception affects Black soldiers financially during and after wartime in regards to military pay and veteran benefits. The low view of African-Americans limits them to menial manual labor jobs instead of combat roles and the lack of proper basic necessities. Potential solutions that have occurred include the civil rights movement and black representation in legislation. The prolonged war ultimately led to more African-Americans in the union army and in combat roles where they proved the perceptions of them wrong. Some strategies I noticed are the use of context and referencing them to the analysis paragraphs and the use of multiple scenes per paragraph which I plan to use as well.

  8. The intellectual problem that I am exploring is challenges African-American women faced due to segregation and discrimination. The consequences of this problem are women don’t have a voice of their own and are not treated equally. Due to this problem the women in the film had a hard time achieving their goals. Potential solutions are the African-American women being able to voice their concerns and treated equally and not as if they are hidden.Three strategies I would like to implement in my essay are incorporating quotes from the film, connect scenes to sources and a conclusion that answers the research question.

  9. My intellectual problem is how does the film depict the intergenerational changes that affect traditional values? This idea stems from the way the main character decides that she could be the next leader and decides to prove it to her grandfather. Possible solution for this questions is the change in leadership, the changing role of women and the detachment from the culture. The three strategies that I noticed in the Model essay were the way the scenes were connected to the outside sources, it is clear when analyzing and connecting to Hall, and it has a well written conclusion that answers the “so what?” question.

  10. The intellectual problem I want to share is child marriages that used to be a custom in Pakistani cultures. The consequences that lead to child marriages were face by the bride most of the the time. Girls’ dream were crushed. Potential solution that I feel would mostly affect since I have been nurtured in the culture is that those minority who still do child marriages should be taught Islam. Islamic beliefs do not teaches these practices since men and women are taught to be equal. The society would take more time to take consideration of modern practices.

    1) I would try to sync my argument with my claim
    2)The scene are properly been fit to the analysis paragraph and how it has been analyzed with sources
    3) The conclusive statement describes the “So, what”

  11. 1) The intellectual problem in the film “Pk” is the interpretation of coexisting religions and their contradictory practices in India particularly Hinduism and Islam to promote differenciation. The consequences lead to the bigotry against either religion which creates friction in the society. It’s more problematic because India is one of most culturally rich and religiously diverse country and they’re interconnected. Potential solutions include the identification of individuals, groups and more importantly their ideology that works aggressively against the pluralism of the country. It can only be done by spreading awareness through religious studies. Questioning your beliefs shouldn’t be considered a taboo but a regular practice to purify your faith with better understanding.

    2) Three strategies that I noticed in model essay are:

    a) To quote a scene into smaller peices to analyze peice by peice more objectively.
    b) To be specific with the intellectual problem that is presented in the film rather than discussing the generalization version of the problem.
    c) Including the relevant quotes from the sources to expand analysis.

  12. The intellectual problem that I am exploring in Yeh Ballet is the challenges that young people face when trying to achieve their dreams that go against their traditions. In this case Asif and Nishu dream of coming ballet dancers and studying abroad, they face issues with poverty and religion. The consequences are that they lose support from some of their family member. The potential solutions are following their dreams and ignoring those that criticize them.

    Three strategies that I noticed in the Model Essay that I would like to use in my own essay are:
    -The use of a question as the last sentence in the end of the introduction.
    -The use of more than one of Hall’s essays as a secondary source
    -Includes quotes of the film with the exact time stamps from start to end of the scene

  13. Mulan is a role that contains feminism. The creative team gave the symbol of feminism to Mulan. Through the processing and creation again, Mulan, a woman who grew up in a patriarchal society, pursued equality between men and women, and expounded between genders. The difference is not so great, women can also achieve a certain career through their own efforts and win the respect of others. In Eastern culture, the material of Hua Mulan just fits this feminist theme and meets the psychological expectations of the majority of women. But the process of anything is not simple. Mulan reflects feudal customs while embodying her heroism and realizing feminine values. The rules of the country formed a fierce collision and friction, because her achievements were criticized and not recognized under the patriarchal society, and Mulan’s social identity was also incompatible with the patriarchal society.
    Solution: Interacting with the world and society cannot solve the problem. You can only change yourself first, then implement your own spirit and finally change the society.
    1. Use time stamp to record the time period
    2. Complete the introduction of one paragraph
    3. Analyze the conclusion of the paragraph

  14. In the romantic comedy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” the problem is that Ian isn’t greek and Toula is going to marry him. This interethnic marriage is frowned upon within her community. She faces ridicule from her family because of this. They attempt to find a way around this by baptising Ian in the greek-orthodox church making it fine for them to marry in their church. The three strategies with the model essay I noticed are how the scenes being analyzed compliment the sources used very well. It breaks a scene into pieces instead of as a whole in order to analyze it closer and more effectively. The third strategy I noticed was how the conclusion answers the intellectual problem being explored.

  15. The intellectual problem in my film that I noticed was the difference between traditional Chinese culture and modern American culture as well as the clash between them. However, in both of these cultures, women still struggle with their worth, and are seen as less than valuable. They are there to be objects, and especially in past China, they were seen as nothing more than objects to help men along with their lives, and to carry their children.

    Strategy 1: Structure of the paragraphs, strongest claim last.
    Strategy 2: Relate the film to real-life problems in the conclusion.
    Strategy 3: Strong textual analysis, helps solidify the claims being made in each para.

  16. The intellectual problem that I am exploring for this research essay are the components of Taliban ideology that negatively impact the social culture of Afghanistan. The Taliban enforces an extreme line of thinking that makes women second-class citizens, mere property, destroys intellectualism and condemns it as “anti-Islam”, and would see the positive aspects of Afghani demolished and replaced with extremism. However, there are caveats to this research that can be interpreted as consequences. In studying the socio-cultural effects of the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, it may also be taken as a reinforcement of negative Middle Eastern stereotypes.

  17. Motivating your argument:
    The intellectual problem that I am discussing in my essay about the film PK is that people can be cheated by the God-men of their own religions if they have blind faith on them.

    Some strategies that I discovered from the model essay would be:
    1. Each analysis paragraphs have more than one scene from the movie to support the claims;
    2. Key terms were used;
    3. All three of Hall’s texts were used to support the analysis paragraphs;
    4. The conclusion answered the so what question.

  18. The intellectual problem I am exploring in this film is what truly makes us as people individuals and does what we experience and what we do pave a
    path to individuality? The consequences of this problem are not truly understanding where one fits in society. You end up wondering whether if you just disappeared your experiences as an individual really matter. A potential solution is coming to peace with who you are or deciding to be a different person with different values which happens often as we go through life.
    1) Potentially order my paragraphs better.
    2) Relate to real-life situations such as a mid-life crisis.
    3) Reduce the amount of evidence I’m using within the essay.

  19. The intellectual problem I’m exploring with my film, is are the stereotypical depictions of women portrayed in the film Mulan, demonstrate cultural and gendered conflicts of women? Some consequences of that problem include, women being oppressed, no justice for women, and evil thriving. Some solutions to the problem include, teaching respect and moral behavior to the youth making it a mandatory class for schools.

    One strategy that I noticed in the Model Essay, is the writer being very clear and to the point in the explanation.
    Another strategy that I noticed in the Model Essay, is the writer connecting his claim to his primary sources.
    A third strategy that I noticed in the Model Essay, is the writer connecting his claim to his secondary sources.
    I would like to implement all these strategies in my essay.

  20. One intellectual problem I am exploring in my essay is how injustices against Muslim women are because of double standards that exist in Muslim culture. This problem leads to oppression and violence against women, who are stripped from their rights and decisions. The solution to this problem is quality education for both women and men and dire punishment for those who treat women in a negative way.

    Strategies I would like to use are:
    1- introduce scenes that together, are more impactful
    2- more analysis less description of the movie
    3- include relevant scenes from the movie only

  21. The intellectual problem in my essay is the bias present in modern capitalism and the negative effects of that on lower-class people. This includes issues such as the way race is valued where even outside of the crazy world of sorry to bother you it’s sometimes blatantly obvious when businesses would encourage employees to not speak ‘street’ even if it’s just as innocent as the more stereotypically white way of speaking that they expect. Beyond racism, another unfortunate effect of capitalism is the way it boxes poor people in a corner, with their only option being to not have a political/social identity, although technically they always have a political voice they don’t have the luxury to take time off of work to protest, to actually use their political voice, to actually have a stance, while on the other side the corporations that hire these people have lobbyists on the frontlines fighting for their own interests, widening the wealth gap, contributing to an obvious wealth-based caste system. Sorry to bother you illustrates this with the slavery-like working conditions of ‘worry-free ’caused by the desperate situations of workers, which as much as it might seem to be a fantasy is actually happening in the real world already. Sorry to Bother You illustrates a worst-case scenario of unregulated capitalism, a wake up call for people of lower classes to stand up. There aren’t any obvious solutions to this problem but the situation can improve if the government actually better represented the needs of the people that give it its power.

    Model Essay.
    1. Present more of my own voice
    2. Better conclude and synthesize my paragraphs
    3. Focus on more of the film, using other bits besides the focus scene to build the arguement

  22. The intellectual problem I am focusing on is racial oppression. This problem can be solved by undervaluing the idea that the color of your skin determines your worth in this world. Also spreading love and positivity to all is a solution.

    Model Essay
    1. Synthesize paragraphs
    2. Use more than one scene to aid in my explanations
    3. Explain the film then analyze what the scene represents rather than summarizing the scene

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