Exercise 1.4: Developing Your Analysis

Objective: to expand and develop your analysis of how writing and rhetorical patterns function in Hall’s essay.

Estimated time: 2 hours

Due: Wednesday, February 19th at 9:00 a.m.

Part 1—Reading

  1. Carefully read and annotate/make notes on the Model Essay.
  2. Read the Sandwiching Quotes writing guide.

Part 2—Writing

  1. Note three strategies that you noticed when reading the Model Essay that you want to use when revising your essay and post as a COMMENT below.
  2. Revisit your Zero Draft and make notes on how you can develop your analysis of the rhetorical patterns in Hall’s essay AND where you need to frame and introduce quotes from “The Question of Cultural Identity.” Be prepared to discuss these strategies in class on Wednesday.
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26 thoughts on “Exercise 1.4: Developing Your Analysis

  1. One strategy I noticed when reading the Model Essay was the stating of a clear thesis. Another strategy I noticed was the breaking down of Hall’s three identity subjects explaining them very well. The third strategy was carefully explaining the purpose of the author. I would like to use these three strategies in my essay when I revise it.

  2. Doing the exercise 4 and read the model essay make me note three writing strategy i believe. First is use abound structural of writing strategy like know which paragraph should be about corresponding content not just writing a unorganized essay, first paragraph typically writing a briely introduce from you essay of your mind and spent 6-7 paragraph set forth entire essay. Second point keep quote some evidence or sentence of idea in the book(hall’s book) . Third point, accordding to the rhetorical triangle analysis the hall’s book.

  3. While reading the introductory paragraph I like how the student goes right into what they would be discussed when dealing with Stuart Hall’s “ the question of cultural identity” and quickly puts into perspective how important the three main concepts are in his the rhetorical essay. Incorporating details towards Hall’s personal life during the summary section is a really nice touch as it adds more depth to who he is as a person and his purpose for writing this essay to others that have expressed similar ideas. The way the essay is structure is very smooth has it divides each section on which rhetorical pattern is going to be discussed through a header before each paragraph while having transition words to going along as well. Lastly, the conclusion shows their own personal opinions that they felt while reading to show the new readers who are struggling with more insight as to how they understood the messages that Hall is trying to convey.

  4. Three strategies I noticed while reading the Model Essay was that there was a introductory sentence to grasp the readers attention (hook sentence), I want to use this technique in my essay because of how it would make the essay flow easier and because it provides the readers with a appealing topic. Another technique I liked was the organization of the essay. It allows one to read through the essay easily and once again it allows the flow of the essay to be cohesive. Lastly I liked how the essay is explained, for example how the sample student is breaking up Halls thoughts and ideas and going into detail with them by identifying the patterns used and explaining it so that a freshman reader would understand.

  5. The three strategies that I noticed when reading the Model Essay were – 1) how the quotes and examples are not doing all the talking , they are being explained right after 2) there is a conclusion in the end of every rhetorical pattern that explains why they are important for understanding the essay (for the audience) 3) there is some kind of an opening and explanation in the beginning of each rhetorical pattern , it does not right away start talking about the subject.

  6. Four strategies that I notice while reading “Model Essay” and would like to use I my essay are. 1. Purpose or motive. In my own essay, I used motive in different paragraphs and not in one. 2. Addressing the audience (freshman) as I didn’t at all in my draft. 3. Using Logos, ethos and pathos better. 4. I didn’t know that the three identity subjects could be used as a rhetorical pattern.

  7. One strategy that I found helpful when the Model Essay was that the author had a very clear purpose and you notice first thing when you read. The second strategy that I noticed and would like to add in my writing is a more persuasive introduction, that would draw the reader in. The third strategy is the use of outside sources to support everything the author is saying.

  8. The three strategies I will use to revise my essay are:
    1 ) Use logos, ethos, and pathos as the foundation of my analysis

    2) Organize my essay and put my ideas in the proper section, the conclusion should not be my summary

    3) Expand on rhetorical pattern 2- purpose and use quotes from the text to support my ideas.

  9. A strategy that I noticed in the sample essay had was a more effective way of quoting Hall’s work. They introduced the quote, explained it, and drew why the quote was relevant to their essay. The way the essay was structured is also a strategy that can be utilize. Dividing the essay into sections and labeling each of them makes it easier for the reader to re-read and understand the essay. A third strategy that was used were the strong introductions to each of the paragraphs. Each intro acted as a smooth transition into the main topic of the paragraph and makes reading an easier process.

  10. Three strategies that I noticed when reading the Model Essay that I would like to use when revising my essay are:
    1. having a clear thesis/opening paragraph that grasps the audience’s attention.

    2. Identifying who the targeted audience is in the essay.

    3. expanding my ideas, rhetorical patterns and inserting more quotes.

  11. Reading this Model Essay gave me a few ideas for revising my own essays style.
    First of the three strategies i noticed would be the writers use of Ethos, Logs, and Pathos to support and help explain their statements and quotes. Second would be how the author spoke with purpose saying what they wanted to say with a sounding confidence. Lastly I can see as they begin a new Rhetorical Pattern paragraph they always start it with a little introduction.

  12. In the model essay I noticed following strategies that I will incorporate in my essay,

    1) I noted that the writer precisely quoted the text in the most relevant manner possible. He did not over analyzed any aspect of the topic.

    2) His introductory sentences to the rhetorical pattern that he is going to explore in each paragraph and also his concluding remarks in the end.

    3) Lastly, his choice of vocabulary that he used keeping his freshman audience in mind. Also his explanation Hall’s arguments that he made in the most simplified manner.

  13. One of the strategies I noticed when reading over the model essay was the framing of the essay in the introduction, the writer uses a very clear and concise voice in order to introduce their topic. Another strategy was the structure of the body paragraphs using three rhetorical strategies, this is useful in making sure that a clear and concise “voice,” is constant in your writing. It helps keep everything very organized. Finally, the last strategy I noticed was the summary not being identical to the introduction. Both sections are different parts of the essay, and should not be the same.

  14. One strategy that I noticed was that the writer’s motive was clearly expressed in their introductory paragraph and then concluded with a thesis statement that set the tone for the rest of the essay. Another strategy the writer uses is that their explanations of their chosen quotes are short and concise and also lead into multiple options, whether the writer either chooses to tack on new quotes that further develop an analysis or to gather all pieces of evidence and then create a summation as an overall analysis over a certain topic. One last strategy that I observed was of how often each paragraph made a smooth transition to exploring their thesis within each paragraph as it’s own individual analysis.

  15. While reading the model essay the three strategies that I noticed were:
    1. The student stated his thesis very well, well enough to grab the readers attention.

    2. The use of quotes and examples and the fact he/she explains them.

    3. The use of logos, ethos, and pathos throughout the essay.

    I feel like I didn’t do a better job with these strategies in my essay and I would use all of these strategies when revising my essay

  16. After reading the model essay, one strategy I noticed is how the introduction made the motive more clear. Another one is the writer’s use of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. I want to properly use those things in my essay. Another one I noticed is the use of the quotation and how the writer described those rhetorical patterns.

  17. i noted that the student is very organized in the methods in which she presented the rhetorical strategies and overall information. For instance, her analysis is clearly stated followed by evidence. The student also has a relaxed way of writing, which I found to be interesting because it does help to keep a readers attention. This brings up the third point of presenting everything in a very straight forward way.

  18. One of the first strategies that I noticed when I started reading this sample essay was that the introduction led straight to the thesis and that the thesis was directly stated as the “goal”. This made the thesis easy to locate but it was also interesting to see that the writer used the next paragraph to explain how the paper was organized. Also, while reading the sample essay I noticed that it used secondary headings that allowed the text to be organized. This divided the text into smaller sections making it easier to read and understand. I have considered to use this before, but I wasn’t sure if it would work. The third strategy that I noticed is the used of transition between paragraphs which allowed the student’s ideas to flow seamlessly. It was interesting to see that the student included part of the following paragraph at the end of the previous paragraph in order to connect them.

  19. In this sample essay, I noticed that the introductory sentence targeted the audience and was used in order to help them grasp the subject at hand. It had helped the people truly understand what they were getting into. Each section explains what it is going to talk about before it begins talking about it as well each section having a concluding sentence clarifying what was said in that section.

  20. I’ve noticed a few strategies on the model essay, that I would like to incorporate in my own essay. First, similar to the sample student, I would use less words in the introduction summarizing the text, and more words analyzing how Hall developed the essay itself. I would keep in mind that the purpose of my essay is to help other students understand the essay, not tell them what the text says directly. Another strategy is including a hook in the introduction rather than just starting off with “In this essay…”. Lastly, I would be more aware of the parts in which I’m paraphrasing, as those need to be quoted as well, as seen on the model essay.

  21. One of the strategies I noticed while reading the model essay was how each paragraph had a title, this makes the essay more organized.
    Another strategy I noticed while reading the model essay is the introduction of the rhetorical pattern is introduced at the beginning of each paragraph. This makes it easier for us to understand what rhetorical patterns are assumed to important in the text. The third strategy that I noticed was how the thesis was included in the introduction. This makes it easier for the reader to understand what the thesis of the text was.

  22. The three strategies are
    Providing a frame to reader as to give Some context about what we are taking about.
    Stating clear thesis and not analyzing any other ideas other that their thesis.
    Slowly developing their argument and stating what he talked about and then purpose why he talked about it.

  23. When reading a model essay, i liked some of the strategies used in it. The first was how, in the introduction, it was structured in such a way that established and empathized with an audience, and it was written to detail Hall’s decisions in his writing, rather than to argue or overly expand upon them. In the summary, I noticed the second strategy, as written in there was a brief description of hall himself, which gives context to his writing, and to the author of the model essay. The author then goes on in the summary to briefly explain Hall’s theories without leaving them in an over/under-abundance of information. Lastly, the author brings the “rhetorical triangle” into the essay, which, though I found it added abruptly, may cater to a more informed audience member, and help better structure the authors writing.

  24. When reading this model essay I noticed some strategies the author uses. First, I noticed a hook sentence in the introduction to gasp the readers attention. Second, I noticed some background information of Hall to help give context in the essay. I also noticed the usage of a clear thesis

  25. The first strategy I would like to use in my first formal essay would be using logos, ethos, pathos as a base for my essay. The second strategy is to use sources form other informed academics to make a stronger argument. And the third strategy I will use is to find a better way to set up a paragraph and to properly end it. With a proper way/route so that my idea is not all over the place.

  26. (i)first strategy I noticed was the way the writer hooked me through his thorough written introduction.
    (ii)The writer used ample amount of evidence
    (iii)The writer revised the thesis in his conclusion
    I would want to revise my zero draft and use these strategies, plus more as well

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