Essay 1: Formal Draft

Objective: to produce a revised formal draft of your first essay. To produce your formal draft, you will extensively revise and develop your zero draft using ideas from class and suggestions provided in my feedback on your Zero Draft. Please carefully read and follow this assignment. Do each task in order.

Estimated time: 2-3 hours
Due: Monday, February 24th at the beginning of class (printed copy)


  1. Review the guidelines for the Rhetorical Analysis Essay.
  2. Read the Model Essay. This model essay will help you understand the expectations and structure of the assignment, along with the appropriate tone and style.
  3. Review these writing guides we have used so far this semester, paying close attention to the Rhetorical Situation, Argumentation, and Effective Conclusions.
  4. Review your notes and annotations on “The Question of Cultural Identity.”


  1. Revise and expand your analysis in the paragraphs in which you analyze Hall’s three identity subjects and the three writing or rhetorical patterns (one paragraph for each pattern). For each pattern, you must analyze two specific examples following the guidelines for rhetorical analysis we discussed in class. Use MLA style to correctly cite the page where your examples are located.
  2. Revise your summary of “The Question of Cultural Identity.” Ensure that you define what Hall means by the term “crisis of identity,” along with his stance on the topic.
  3. Add headings prior to each paragraph to help organize and structure your essay. See the Model Essay.
  4. Write a one-paragraph introduction that briefly identifies the problems that freshmen readers (i.e. the imagined audience for your essay) likely encounter when first reading the rhetorical essay “The Question of Cultural Identity.” Explain to your freshman audience why analyzing writing or rhetorical patterns is a logical way to understand the essay. End this first paragraph with your thesis, which should explain Hall’s stance toward the “crisis of identity.”
  5. Write a conclusion to answer the “So, what?” question. Synthesize the ideas you discuss in your essay to encourage your freshmen readers to look for rhetorical patterns and writerly choices when reading theoretical texts.
  6. Create a compelling two-line title for your formal draft, one that would intrigue and inform your intended audience of student readers.
  7. Include a Work Cited list on a separate page using MLA style. Refer to the Model essay and the MLA Sample Paper.
  8. Include a one-paragraph self-evaluation on a separate page in which you briefly discuss to what extent you think your intended audience (freshmen readers) would find your essay clear and insightful. Also, explain what else you will still like to work on as you continue to revise your draft. The self-evaluation is part of the assignment. 

Bring the printout with you to class with you on Monday, February 24th for Peer Review and submit electronically to Dropbox as a Word or PDF file using the naming conventions outlined in the syllabus.

As always, contact me if you have any questions.

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